Friday, February 22, 2008

See you in 8 days

As I mentioned in my last post, February is the month of business in the Year of Sagely Living. I have found that to be successful in business it is imperative to take time away from business. It allows for a renewal of energy, perspective and vision for the future. My next week is designed to accomplish exactly that. I am off for 8 days to Manuel Antonio and Dominical, Costa Rica.

Pura Vida.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

February in the Year of Sagely Living

As February is the month of business, it would at first glance seem that I have an easy month, as much of my days are spent running a busy practice. However, I take this month as a challenge to redefine my goals of what exactly I want this practice to be; how I want it to run; the kinds of treatments I want to do; the kinds of connections with patients that I want to foster; the community that I want to build.

It is also very fitting that at the end of the month I go on vacation, back to a place that my family loves: Costa Rica. For us, there is no better place to get in touch with our essence; to truly be inspired. I will use this trip to help me solidify my truest goals for what I want in my life.

In addition, in the spirit of business, I have spent the last couple months updating/modernizing and augmenting my website for the sake of attracting more individuals to the benefits of acupuncture, herbal medicine, Contemporary Oriental Medicine, Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis and alternative medicine in general. Please take a look and browse the new site at your convenience: Center for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine website.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

PreNatal Stress and Schizophrenia

My friend and colleague, Dr. Stickley, posts an excellent study on his blog regarding the link between prenatal stress and schizophrenia. Dr. Stickley and I have studied under Dr. Leon Hammer for years and, while this connection to intra-uterine insults and psychological illness is not new to us, this study marks an important breakthrough for bringing this information to a wider audience.

Check out his post here.

Stop Deceptive Labeling of "Naturally Raised" Meats

I came across this news item from the Organic Consumers Association.
Alert: Stop Deceptive Labeling of "Naturally Raised" Meats
Consumer polls indicate the average person imagines meat labeled "Naturally Raised" comes from animals that spent their drug-free lives freely roaming the fields of a family farmer, eating wild flora and fauna, and being (at least somewhat) humanely slaughtered. In fact a 2007 Consumer Reports survey shows 83% of consumers assume such labeling means “it came from an animal raised in a natural environment.” In stark contrast, the USDA, under pressure from big agribusiness, has released a standard for "Naturally Raised" meats that is so weak it would apply to a cloned animal raised in the confines of a factory farm. The public comment period on this labeling standard only lasts until January 28, so take action now before this type of labeling becomes as ubiquitous as corporate lobbyists on Capitol Hill.
Learn more and take action:

Tell EPA to Ban Toxic Pesticide Endosulfan

I cam across this alert from the Organic Consumers Association:


The EPA has opened a public comment period on whether a toxic pesticide used on food and cotton in the U.S. but banned in much of the world, should be taken off the market. The pesticide, endosulfan harms the hormone system, and low levels of exposure in the womb have been linked to autism, male reproductive harm and other birth defects. The Organic Consumers Association is joining with Pesticide Action Network and other allies in gathering tens of thousands of petition signatures to ban this toxic pesticide off the market now. Learn more and take action:

Friday, February 8, 2008

NJ Vaccines

Please support this legislation to create a 'conscientious belief' exemption to mandatory vaccines in the state of NJ. Most states currently have this in addition to the medical and religious exemptions. This would allow a parent to refuse vaccinating their child(ren) for moral and ethical beliefs. Please follow the link below and sign the petition.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Aspartame Documentary

Sweet Misery - A Poisoned World.avi

1 hr 29 min 41 sec - May 26, 2007
Average rating: (318 ratings)
Description: Excellent documentary showing how dangerous artificial sweetner Aspartame is. From its history, to its effects this video is enough to shock anyone into really looking at there food labels next time they shop. Aspartame is a toxic food that came into the world as an investment By Donald Rumsfeld, while ignoring the deadly effects the tests showed. Take a good look at this video, it could save lives.