Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Coca Cola and Chinese Medicine? I don't think so!

Big pockets are constantly trying to cash in on alternative medicine. This is another attempt. Check out the following link. Imagine how difficult it will be for this Center (owned by Coca Cola) to conclude from its research and tell the world how dangerous Coca Cola is to one's health. This is such an egregious conflict of interest and attempt to misappropriate and co-opt Chinese medicine. I suppose we'll start hearing soon how healthy aspartame and splenda are with the new Coca Cola funded research. There is a lot of truth to Sun Tzu's words: Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer. I guess Coca Cola has been studying.....

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sleep Your Way Back to Health

Check out this article on just how important sleep is to the health of our children.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Can You Be Cured?

On Friday night, I hosted Lama Lobsang who lectured on Tibetan medicine. One of the more notable things I wanted to share from that talk was the following statement:
If you can get a disease, you can cure a disease. We just need to know the cause.
And while he did acknowledge certain "karmic diseases" that have no cure, most diseases were curable. He said that was the only logical way to understand the ability of someone to get sick. If one can get sick, one can get un-sick. Knowing the cause of the disease is the most difficult part. In fact, he stated that in many instances we will never know the real cause; that it is hidden, as in karmic diseases. But placing the emphasis on diagnosis is the real key to understanding the causes (or coming as close to the cause as one can), and then healing the person from that disease. He gave the analogy of knowing what country a person is from by looking at their face and features, but not being able to know the exact town or street address or the specific details. The more details you can uncover, the better your success at treating the disease.

That is where traditional diagnostics come into play, especially the pulse diagnosis and knowing one's psychology. The specificity of the details come into sharper focus.