Thursday, July 18, 2013

Greetings from Costa Rica

Hi Everyone,
Ann and I hope that you are all enjoying your summers thus far.  We have been thinking of all of you and have been receiving frequent reports of how everything is proceeding back home.  

We are approaching the mid point of our extended trip to Costa Rica and have many experiences we are looking forward to sharing with each of you when we return.  For close to three weeks we have been nestled atop a mountain with an unimpeded panoramic view of the beaches of Nosara.  Quite breathtaking, but comes with certain other challenges.  Mother nature truly does not discriminate.  We share this corner of paradise with howler monkeys, armies of ants, moths the size of your head, prolific geckos, vultures swooping overhead and hanging out on our deck, and a host of other numerous nameless bugs and creatures.  Nighttime has been interesting...  

Day by day, we're learning to live amongst our new friends, enjoying our time together and really appreciating what this town has to offer.  For two weeks the kids were enrolled in a half day Spanish immersion school, where they met loads of new friends (and learned some Spanish).  Their mornings at "school" provided Ann and I a chance to relax, read, study and enjoy the spectacular views.  

Yesterday, we made it to see the Arribada, where multitudes of sea turtles come back to the beach of their own births to lay eggs.  The circle of life.  And today Ann and I toured Blue Spirit retreat center to check out their beautiful facilities (and also sampled the food and the pool, which we are  happy to report are both amazing).

The kids are enjoying their pool and beach time while Ann and I look forward to daily qi gong and yoga.  I have realized that I cannot keep up with my surfing buddy, my 11 year old son, but am enjoying trying.  

Please feel free to let us know how you're doing and if you are so inspired, click the link below to view some pictures of our trip.

See you all soon.  Pura Vida.

Ross and Ann

Summer in Costa Rica

Hi Everyone,
Ann and I hope this email finds you all well. 

We wanted to apprise everyone of our plans for this summer which include a 6 week retreat for us in Costa Rica.  As all of you have heard us preach, taking time to renew and recharge, slow down and replenish is an instrumental part of one's healing journey.  We have decided to take a big leap in that direction in order to maximize our own health by enjoying uninterrupted time with family in a truly healing environment. 

The Center for Acupuncture will still be open during this time, and we have gone to great lengths to ensure that there are no interruptions in your treatments.  All shifts will be covered and each of your treatment plans, diagnoses, and strategies will continue to be implemented by our other acupuncturists (days are listed below). 

We will be leaving for our trip on June 29 and returning on August 11.  During this time, we will still be in direct frequent contact and any issues that arise will have my full attention.   If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know in the upcoming weeks and we are happy to discuss them with you and find agreeable solutions.

We are constantly humbled and appreciate your trust in us in regards to your health care and thank you in advance for supporting us in this endeavor.  We look forward to sharing the benefits of our renewed vitality and inspiration when we return.

Very warmly,
Ross and Ann

PS:  (We are hoping to bring whoever is interested back with us next summer for our week-long healing retreat.)